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II Congresso Internacional Menores en las TIC

2nd International Congress 'Children in ICT'

Learning a responsible usage of ICT

Conference Hall - Exhibition site Luis Adaro - (Gijón - Spain)
26th – 27th October 2010

The II International Meeting on Children in ICT intends to follow the path initiated in 2009, at which time we considered the need to create a space for discussion and cooperation on the detection and development of solutions based on the different actors and sectors, national and international stakeholders (developers, educators, families, institutions for the protection of minors, international and national institutions, etc..) lead us to contrasting lines of work around the adoption of measures to encourage safe and responsible use of ICT.

We believe in the need to know and understand the changes that are taking place, and changes in social behaviours associated with these technological changes.

To know how it is approached from the Community legislative framework and / or national challenges point of view, posed by digital content in the information society. Especially with regard to the provisions in the protection of children, protection of privacy and accountability of service providers acting as intermediaries.

The importance of the acquisition of digital competencies and how they must be part of the overall development of children learning to manage their own safety.

The Congress will count with the participation of professionals and national and international researchers, who will share their knowledge, experience, thoughts and future prospects with us.

We believe it is essential in this new edition and responding to contributions made in the evaluation of the I Children in ICT Congress, to invite to share experiences and views with us to:

The Children
The Families
The Teachers

The conference will provide a forum for discussion and open debate and contrast perspectives and experiences with the need to educate, being aware of the risks for prevention, avoid and fight them and above all exploit the enormous advantages of the Information Society.

Veja a programação do evento na página de Menores en la TIC clicando aqui.

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