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Media education, education and media

Media education, education and media

Pier Luigi Capucci

"The current mediascape requires a deep inquiry on the use of the media (of the “old” and “new” media) in many fields and in particular in the educational realm. Tools like computers, consoles, smartphones, extended TV, MP3 readers, photo and videocameras are of common use today and give rise to many applications which can change the way we get in touch each other, communicate, learn and teach. In our culture the remote and mediated communication has become increasingly relevant. In order to have an idea of the extent of this process, which occurred in less than 200 years, we could compare today’s many opportunities – synchronous communications like cellular and old plain telephony, IP based communications like Skype and chats, and asynchronous communications like email, fora, blogs, social networks and so on... – which can be very inexpensive, with the communications technologies which were available by mid of the XIX Century. Before the mass diffusion of photography (which Baudelaire considered as a bane) only a small number of people was able to create pictures. Today everybody can easily create images through many devices, like cameras, computers, smartphones, webcams... And photography has become that “brothel without walls” as defined by McLuhan. Today people can create videos in an easy and economic way, a common task that only twenty years ago was very difficult and expensive, and, more, they can share online their videos with millions people. Ten years ago the audiovisual remote synchronous communication was complex and expensive and only the television organizations could manage it. Today a videoconference can be made with cheap and personal tools which everybody can manage, just like PCs, smartphones and wired or wireless connections. And many other examples could be done”.

Leia mais e veja os vídeos na página pessoal de Pier Luigi Capucci clicando aqui.

International conference in Milan, “New Media Art Education & Research 3: Always Already New”, organized by the Planetary Collegium’s M-Node (Milan Node) PhD and the NABA degree course in Media Design & New Media Art, in collaboration with NoemaLab and Mediateca Santa Teresa.

All the videos of the conference are on YouTube.

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